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IU's skinny body

Pann: How did IU lose this much of weight?

1. [+153, -104] Why do you envy her body? I don't envy it at all. She looks like she doesn't even weigh 40kg. I feel bad because she looks too skinny. I prefer fit bodies like Kim Yuna's.

2. [+137, -163] Honestly, skinny bodies like IU's are more popular than fit bodies ㅋㅋㅋㅋ People just don't admit it because they're jealous.

3. [+93, -5] She said she eats 1 apple, 3 small sweet potatoes, a cup of protein shake, practices her performances, does 300 push-ups, and climbs 500 stairs a day. No wonder she's losing so much weight.

4. [+50, -34] She seems like she's pressured to lose weight. She doesn't have a pretty face and she did well with a skinny body, so she tends to keep her body very skinny.

5. [+48, -14] Who would be crazy enough to be jealous of this elementary kid body? I really don't like it.

6. [+46, -5] Looking slim is good, looking skinny isn't.

7. [+30, -0] Idols have to lose weight like that, though. It's not just IU, all idols do it. On broadcast and in article photos, they look much chubbier so they have to keep their bodies very skinny.

8. [+29, -0] I was a substitute for IU's CF, so I saw IU at a close distance. She was extremely skinny. Her legs were as thin as our arms. I was so shocked because I've never seen anyone as skinny as her. Her face looks chubby on the screen but she had absolutely no fat on her cheeks ㅋㅋ I realized that pictures make you look chubby ㅠㅠ

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