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V app decides to charge the viewers & upset BTS and EXO fans

Pann: I'm so fucking pissed off at V app

Pann talks about V app charging the viewers & affecting BTS (3rd anniversary) and EXO (comeback)

1. [+247, -6] Why are they earning money off of my bias' 3rd anniversary festa and EXO's full album comeback? I'm sure they made V app for this from the start~ Yet I still fucking pay for it~

2. [+196, -5] Ugh, I seriously hate V app

3. [+150, -7] Exactly... I'm already running out of money to buy my bias' stuff but I have to pay for this as well... The pictures were also the members' Instagram selcas ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope they end up like Me2day ^^

4. [+68, -0] Why are they causing a fuss over BTS' 3rd anniversary and EXO's comeback?

5. [+46, -0] I'm sure they'll do the same thing to other idols, not just EXO and BTS...

6. [+43, -0] Shitty Naver. I knew they were greedy when their TV Cast ads were 30 seconds. Now they're trying to rip fans off. Their video quality isn't even good.

7. [+41, -1] We can't even watch music shows on the Youtube channels of MBC, SBS, and KBS because they want us to watch it on Naver TV Cast instead.

8. [+38, -2] BTS and Armies have to have a happy 3rd anniversary but they ruin it. EXO and EXO-L have to have a happy comeback but they ruin it. I don't even have enough money for my bias, why should I pay for those guys as well? It's not even their 3rd anniversary, why are they doing this?

9. [+32, -0] Fuck, I hope V app flops.

10. [+31, -1] I'd be so fucking pissed if all the money goes to Naver, not the artists.

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