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iKON's main fansite apologizes for their Winner hate after 8 months

Main fansite of iKON 'Get Ready Show Time' had made a group chat to hate on Winner. In the chat, there were 20 fansite staffs. They bashed Winner and made plans to turn the public opinion against Winner. They acted upon their plans a several times. 

Someone in the chat revealed the screencaps and Winner fans on Pann demanded an apology. iKON fans refuted and also demanded an apology for spreading false rumors. In the process, they pretended to be Winner fans and changed the public opinion. Winner fans didn't want this issue to be publicized but they ended up getting the criticisms instead. 

Today, after 8 months since this issue, the iKON fansite finally posted an apology. Fans are guessing they're apologizing since it could affect iKON's comeback. The group chat:

- You have to pretend to be other fans at times
- You know that, right?
- You have to be a variety of people
- Also like a non-fan
- Non-fan doesn't work
- Act like non-fan, other fan, Winner fan, and etc

- One has to put a picture of the info
- Say it like, "Hul... Winner fans also manipulated a lot of stuff"
- Let's pretend to be non-fans first

Summary of their long apology:
- Their apology is late because they couldn't identify the people in the group chat
- They had posted a clarification post in response to the Winner fans on Pann
- They admit that the staffs in the chat had manipulated top comments on Pann posts
- The group chat is now deleted and a similar incident will not happen again


Instiz: iKON's main fansite got caught bashing Winner in a group chat

- I hope they stop tarnishing iKON's image and shut down the fansite

- This isn't an average fansite of photos, it's a main fansite which makes it serious... Winner didn't have recent controversies, I wonder how they managed to change the public opinion. 

- Why did they have to debut in separate groups when the members are close in a same company? They could've debuted like Sechs Kies and EXO to promote as a whole and two subunits. Then things wouldn't have became like this... The company is stirring competitions

- It's not true that Winner fans are demanding the fansite to shut down. They're also writing a response to this.

- What did Winner do to deserve this...

- I can't believe a main fansite is doing this. Do they want to do this with their bias' name?

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