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Top 3 boy groups & girl groups for CFs

EXO - Goobne Chicken, Spao, Pepero, Lotte World, Nature Republic, Lotte Duty Free, Hat's On, Ivy Club, etc.

Bigbang - Hyundai cars (China), Shinsegae Duty Free, Kappa (China), Nongfu Spring water (China), etc.

SHINee - The Saem, Shilla Duty Free, Ppusyeo Ppusyeo, Coach (Asia), Namyang's Khawah, Moschino, Jill Stuart, etc.

Twice - Lotte Duty Free, Strike Zone, Gamaro Chicken, Skoolooks, Legend of Heroes, etc.

IOI - KB Kookmin Bank, Stone Age, Auction, CJ Market's Alaska salmon, Hite Jinro, cup ramen Wang, etc.

Girl's Day - Zigbang, Q1, Albamon, Mise-en-Scène, Bullsone, Nongshim ramen, etc.


Pann: Idol CFs currently

1. [+120, -8] EXO also has Hat's On, Ivy, and Lotte World ㅋㅋ It seems that all popular groups endorse duty free shops.

2. [+68, -7] SHINee also has Jill Stuart

3. [+67, -6] EXO has Lotte World and Hat's On

4. [+50, -2] All CFs matter but top idol groups are those that have duty free CFs. Duty free CFs require attracting consumers, classiness, and international popularity.

5. [+42, -4] I hope those that underrate SHINee see this post. They always say "SHINee isn't really a top group" but this is the reality.

6. [+40, -2] SHINee and Bigbang are amazing because they debuted a long time ago but they're still doing well.

7. [+33, -23] iKON's CFs are Shinsegae Duty Free, Pepsi, Smart, and LG

8. [+29, -3] iKON's duty free CF is obviously a package deal with GD. They're not even in the main CF.

9. [+15, -0] If we're also including individual CFs, we should put Miss A, too. Going to a supermarket is called a Suzy tour. She has so many CFs.

10. [+14, -0] For EXO, there's even a game called EXO Run. It's for promoting a game company.

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