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Shinji says Kim Jong Min sent her money when she had no income

Shinji: "Kim Jong Min sent me money for 3 years when I had no income."


Pann: Kim Jong Min's personality is amazing

1. [+133, -0] I again realize that his babo character is only for broadcast.

2. [+125, -0] He also knows a lot about the history... The more you know, the more you fall for him.

3. [+92, -16] His history knowledge is very different from Seolhyun and Jimin's.

4. [+39, -0] When people treat him harshly on 1N2D, he laughs it off. When he gets an unfair punishment, he laughs and doesn't blame anyone. He has a great personality.

5. [+35, -0] Shinji and Kim Jong Min are ultimate best friends. After Cha Seung Min withdrew from Koyote, they recorded their 4th album. The composer didn't like Kim Jong Min because he was a dancer. He took out Kim Jong Min's voice from the entire song and the company even told him to leave. Shinji stood up for him and said she'd also leave if he was leaving. They look really good.

6. [+29, -0] It's easy to hit the bottom in the entertainment industry but he never had a controversy. He's not a top host like Yoo God but he managed to overcome his slump after 1N2D ended. He's finally shining and getting recognized for his small roles. I'm so happy for him ㅋㅋㅋ Shinba hwaiting ㅠㅠ

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