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SM's EDM music & Taeyeon's 'Why'

Pann: I'm so pissed at SM for Taeyeon's new song

(Pann talks about SM's recent obsession with EDM)

1. [+206, -158] But EDM house music is the most popular genre worldwide. Hip-hop stopped being a trend a while ago. Our country is behind with music trends but SM is ahead.

2. [+198, -49] SM doesn't care about public-friendliness when they release songs. They like setting up trends and try different genres, that's why SM has a lot of stans. You just have to find your type and listen to them.

3. [+143, -30] I really like Taeyeon's new song though. Not because it's EDM, but because it's Taeyeon's song. The music video is so colorful. SM solos tend to be minor tastes, but there are exceptions like two Super Junior soloists who release public-friendly ballads. I think the soloist's preference determines the song.

4. [+101, -95] How is SM ahead ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+74, -7] But later, SM's releases will end up being the trends

6. [+65, -4] I don't like EDM but I liked Taeyeon's Why. Honestly, I is more public-friendly but I prefer Why.

7. [+57, -6] Honestly, I wanted at least Taeyeon to bring another song like I.

8. [+51, -8] I think Luna and Tiffany's songs were really good though.

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