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Friendship of Eun Jiwon & Kang Sunghoon

Eun Jiwon's autobiography

One day, a foreign friend pointed at a new student and said to me, "He's also Korean." It was about 2 years since I had been studying overseas. I went to Hawaii Mission Academy and there were less than 10 Koreans in my school. So new Korean students stood out a lot, and Sunghoon stood out just as much.

'That kid looks quite cute!' He still looks the same but his curious eyes, fresh smile, and chubby cheeks were really cute. And he looked scared in the new environment, hahaha. I approached him and asked, "Where do you live?"

Kang Sunghoon's autobiography

In my life, all I had focused on was studying. Meeting Jiwon hyung was an important turning point. He always sat at the back and didn't say anything, so I wasn't interested in him at first. I just thought of him as another Korean student. 

One day, he asked me, "Where do you live?" That's how we met. The more we talked, the more we realized that we got along. The fact that both of us were into music and dance made us even closer.

Shortly after they became close, Jiwon suggested Sunghoon to live together and they started living together in Hawaii. In every morning, Jiwon drove Sunghoon to school. Sunghoon would wake Jiwon up by saying, "Hyung, drive me to school~" Jiwon had afternoon classes, but he barely attended school. He ended getting expelled from every school in Hawaii.

When they lived in Hawaii

When Sechs Kies members were practicing, Kim Jaeduk corrected Sunghoon's dance. Because of Jaeduk's strong dialect, he sounded like he was scolding Sunghoon. Jiwon got upset and told Jaeduk not to kill Sunghoon's confidence. Sunghoon got mad at Jiwon and yelled, "People think I'm an idiot because you're always acting like this!" He cried and ran out of the practice room.

What Kang Sunghoon said at his fanmeet last year:

"Jiwon hyung still adores me a lot. When I arrive late, he pushes away the person sitting next to him and gives the seat to me. He scolds them to give me a fork." "We promised each other that if we're still not married at an old age, we'll live together in Hawaii."

- Whenever they had a fight, Jiwon turned on the song 'Stop Being Upset' and both fell asleep together. They naturally made up in the next morning. One day, they had a big fight and Jiwon left the house. When he came back, the house was dark so he thought Sunghoon also had left. But Sunghoon had lighted candles and he was waiting for Jiwon to make up.

- What Jiwon mentioned on Sunghoon:
1) I like him because he understands me the most
2) His handsomest facial feature: His face is very balanced overall
3) The color that suits him: Every color because he has a pretty face
4) What I envy the most from him: Pretty looks
5) Why I thank him: He stayed with me when I was lonely
6) A nickname for him: Kiddo

 Letters for each other:

To. Jiwon hyung... hehe

Hyung, we've been promoting together and we've gone through struggles, funny incidents, and many other situations. You, as the leader, took responsibilities and gave strength to us five members. Thank you so much for that. There will be bigger hardships ahead, so let's be prepared and run hard for the fans who love us. Me, as the lead vocal, will always try hard to give good songs to people. Happy new year, hyung... Should I remind you of our Hawaii memories and our friendship? Anyways, I hope our caring and loving minds won't change!! Hyung, let's work hard. Thank you for taking care of me until now...

From. Smiley Sunghoon

To. Sunghoon

Sunghoon-ah~! We've been doing well so far, right? Although I didn't say it out loud, you understood what I meant and followed me. Thank you so much and I feel so proud. Let's work hard. Let's keep doing our jobs as a leader and a lead singer. I hope you don't get sick, be healthy, and do well next year.

From Jiwon


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- I thought the autobiographies were a fanfic ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- It's really unexpected... Eun leader-nim has warmth

- Hawaii brothers was god's work

- Wow, what a fate...

- Wow, their fans must be going crazy ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's like a real life fanfic

- I wish I had a relationship like that

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