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Will EXO win their fourth daesang this year?

Pann: Do you think it's possible for EXO to win four daesangs straight?

1. [+464, -29] What EXO fans want is winning a daesang before Xiumin enlists

2. [+463, -23] EXO's physical sales are a wall, they're #2 boy group with digital sales, and they have a ton of fans. That's why they won daesangs for 3 years. Why should they give up ㅋㅋ If a singer exceeds EXO's comeback result, then they'll win the daesang. Or else, EXO will win again.

3. [+439, -20] They should step down some time, but it's not the time yet ㅋㅋ They had big issues like withdrawals and dating news which are critical to idols but their fandom is still strong. I think EXO will win a daesang again.

4. [+167, -1] I think they can win this year because it's their 3rd full album

5. [+146, -1] Of course. Besides, it's a full album.

6. [+135, -0] The fans are ready to work hard, so...

7. [+128, -1] EXO's result keeps increasing. First week sales of their special album was #1. It's a full album this time, get it? A full album sells well as long as the concept is good. Also, the fans are ready.

8. [+118, -3] I think 5 years straight is also possible!

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