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[Update: apology] Seventeen Wonwoo's contradictory value with his SNSD comments + his friend's comments

Q) When do you feel that your self-love is strong?
A) Since I was young, my parents taught me to love myself the most. For example, when a friend who's not confident with their looks says "I look so-so today", I tell them "That's not true at all" to cheer them up. I'm always confident when it comes to this kind of thing. Even when my face is a bit puffy, I have the mindset of "No, I'm the best."

Yuri & Hyoyeon answered "yes" to the question "Have you ever fell for your own reflection in the mirror?"

Wonwoo posted the screencap with the title "That's crazy... They said they fell for their own reflections."

His friend commented:
- Why are you posting these?
- Hey, I think you can stop it now


Instiz [1] [2]: Seventeen Wonwoo's contradictory value on looks

- As a long-term fan of SNSD, I'm so pissed off about this. What pisses me off more is comments like "It's because he was in grade 6" "He was young" "He didn't know anything"

- His interview is recent and his comments were when he was 13. He had enough time to change his thoughts and reflect.

- He's obviously taking care of his image

- I hope he doesn't greet Tiffany ㅠㅠ It boils my blood to think that he could be like "sunbae-nim~" with a smile

- What we want isn't a feedback, we want an apology from Wonwoo

- Wonwoo was 13 and SNSD members were 18, 19, 20. He wasn't the only one who was young.

- That's a great friend

- There's also a well-mannered kid like the friend. What kind of a nonsense is "all elementary school students are immature"?

- Now you can't generalize elementary school kids

- The friend is normal ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't understand why Wonwoo kept posting hateful posts of SNSD after reading his friend's comments

Hello, I'm Wonwoo
I first want to apologize to everyone who was hurt by this controversy.
Rather than coming up with an excuse that it was a mistake at a young age and something I don't remember, I want to apologize, admit my fault, and be punished.
They were written when I was young, but it doesn't change the fact that I was the one who wrote them. I'm sorry to SNSD sunbae-nims, SNSD's fans, and Carats. I'm also sorry to my fellow members who worked hard to be Seventeen.
I was very immature. I took celebrities lightly and I didn't think my careless words could hurt people. When I became a middle school student, I became a trainee for Seventeen and that's when I learned about the pressure to be someone who performs on the stage. After learning about how many people it took for one singer to perform and how performers feel as I promoted in Seventeen, I learned what it means to be on the stage. I learned that SNSD sunbae-nims' spot is a big achievement and I respected them. Also, with the love I get from fans, I learned that I have to be very responsible for this and how one comment can affect the celebrity's feelings. I'm reflecting my wrongdoing.
I can't dare to ask to forgive me. But I'm reflecting endlessly and I want to apologize to SNSD sunbae-nims. My thoughtless posts were definitely not right and it could hurt anyone. I can't lift my head up because I'm very sorry.
I will try not to disappoint anymore. I will read all criticisms and advises towards my immature behavior and I won't forget them. Please teach me more in the future.
I apologize once again. I'm sorry.


Instiz: SNSD insult controversy Seventeen Wonwoo's hand-written apology + company's feedback

- Yeah... He was young...

- I'm glad he gave a feedback. I hope he reflects and be more careful

- He wrote well but it's a terrible writing. It's hard to read.

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