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SM's next "main" girl group?

Next SM girl group is said to debut in 2019
(Pann OP also questions their possible popularity comparing to Twice's)

Left to right: Goeun, Lami, Heena, Herin

Goeun (99'er)

Lami (03'er)

Heena (00'er)


Pann: SM's next girl group

1. [+84, -60] GodSM is still the top

2. [+71, -7] Please don't mention Twice... And we don't know which group will do better but since it's SM, the new group is guaranteed to do well.

3. [+67, -8] The members will get prettier as they get beauty care. There will be more members, too.

4. [+32, -6] They're SM so they'll have a solid fandom from the start and a good concept, but I don't think they'll beat Twice. Just look at the official SM trainees, they're not impressive. Official trainees are the top trainees they have.

5. [+28, -1] They're the next main girl group of SM. SM will collaborate with China's Yuehua and Japan's Avex to debut a group with subunits for the three countries. The girl group will be with Yuehwa's girl group with Chinese natives and Avex's girl group with Japanese natives. Lee Soo Man talked about this at a recent lecture. They'll be a rotation like NCT.

6. [+27, -0] SM's main groups don't debut in a small number of members, they debut in a big number. TVXQ and SHINee are abnormal cases of hitting big as a small number.

7. [+26, -25] They can't beat Twice. Twice's visuals are too good.

8. [+25, -0] I think they'll be a big group, they'll add 5~6 more members.

9. [+25, -1] The new girl group is debuting sooner. It'll be around November, 2017.

10. [+24, -11] They can't beat Twice, they're doing too well.

11. [+21, -2] Goeun and Lami are so pretty. Lami will be at Yoona's level when she grows up. There will be 4~5 more members. I think this girl will also join the lineup.


12. [+19, -1] Red Velvet isn't a main girl group. If they were main, then the members wouldn't been different. Their average age would've been lower with more members.

13. [+17, -1] None of JYP groups succeeded in a long-run. God had the biggest fandom and the biggest public recognition but JYP ruined the group with their own hands.

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