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Rookie groups these days are more talented?

Pann: Rookie groups these days are really talented

(Pann mentions GFriend, iKON, and Seventeen)

1. [+194, -22] GFriend got caught lip-syncing on a radio. Also, they sang with live MR on Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook. The MR was pre-recorded, it wasn't live. For Twice, they're bad except 3 members.

2. [+192, -11] Agree on Seventeen and iKON. I heard that Mingyu and Chanwoo can't sing so I looked them up. I couldn't tell their talents because they didn't have many parts in title tracks, but they were good in other songs. Mingyu surprised me because his voice was my type and I liked his rap, although I couldn't tell if it was good. Chanwoo isn't that great but he could sing his parts. It's good enough.

3. [+135, -5] Boy groups are definitely becoming more talented. Is it because female fans look for more aspects other than looks? Even if a male idol isn't handsome, he'll have a lot of fans if he's talented. On the other hand, a female idol can gain a lot of female fans only with her pretty looks.

4. [+91, -5] Indeed. Seventeen writes songs and choreographs their dance. It's really amazing!

5. [+71, -8] I agree on boy groups but not girl groups. Girl group main vocals are getting weaker. There isn't a proper rookie main vocal except Red Velvet and GFriend. Twice Jihyo is a lead vocal level in other groups. Dahyun's rap sounds like reading a textbook and Tzuyu's voice cracks when the note gets higher. Lovelyz Kei is also a sub vocal level except her voice. Lovelyz members all have good voices but their breathing and high notes are very weak.

6. [+68, -40] Lovelyz is pretty good. Kei and Soojung can sing high notes. Jin lacks breathing but I listened to the MR removed video when her condition wasn't good but she sounded fine.

7. [+68, -1] I can only agree on boy groups. If we're talking about rookie girl groups, then I wouldn't agree.

8. [+68, -1] Take GFriend out. They're terrible except Yuju and Eunha. Yuju also got a lot of hate for her featuring at the year-end stage. MR removed videos are not reliable these days but if you watch the MR removed videos of Me Gustas Tu, Yuju doesn't sing the high notes, either.

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