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Jimin & Seolhyun's history controversy gets mentioned on the news

Ahn Jung Geun as "Kin Dok Kang", controversy of history knowledge

Girl group AOA Seolhyun & Jimin's lack of history knowledge

Answered "Kin Dok Kang (Kim Doo Hwan)?" to a photo of Ahn Jung Geun while doing a personage quiz


Instiz: AOA's Kin Dok Kang statement is even on the news

- Calling him Kim Doo Han is terrible enough but she even called him Kin Dok Kang

- I hope they learned their lesson. As idols, they should act like proper role models. I'm very disappointed.

- I didn't even know about 'Kin Dok Kang' title until Jimin said it

- I can understand being ignorant but not knowing Ahn Jung Geun is just...

- When I see Jimin and Seolhyun on the stage later, I won't be able to focus and I'll only get reminded of Kin Dok Kang.

- I watched the news and the panelists talked about how idols only get trained and that the companies should work on educating them.

- I recommend AOA to watch Harbin episodes of 1N2D

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