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Woohyun's comeback stage is unfair comparing to BTS and Tiffany?

BTS, Woohyun, and Tiffany will have their comeback stages on M Countdown this week. BTS will sing 3 songs, Tiffany will sing 2, and Woohyun will sing 1.


Pann: I'm a Woohyun fan and I'm fucking pissed off

1. [+224, -5] What's important is that it's not the fault of BTS or their fans. We're upset with Mnet, fuck them.

2. [+132, -5] They're ignoring him because he's a solo. I'll stream even harder. I knew Mnet was an idiot but I didn't know they'd pull this ㅠ

3. [+130, -11] I tried everything and skipped the night class to go see his debut stage but I didn't expect this ^^ What's wrong with Mnet?

4. [+64, -55] It's because BTS will promote for a week only, so it's their comeback and goodbye stage. Sorry, please understand us.

5. [+61, -0] I'm an Army so I also saw Woohyun's stage today and I also had the same thought. I liked BTS' three stages since it was their comeback and goodbye stage but I felt bad for Woohyun... And he surprised me with his singing talent.

6. [+56, -1] It's not Woohyun's comeback, it's his solo debut. It's only once in his lifetime.

7. [+56, -7] I don't care if other singers sing 2, 3, or 10 songs. But why is Woohyun singing only one song when it's his comeback ㅋㅋ If they have time to let other singers sing 3, then why not for Woohyun?

8. [+34, -0] I didn't know Mnet would be like this... He's a singer who's been around for 7 years and it's his comeback week...

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