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Yesung's solo album fails to do well, his tweets & his brother's post

SM didn't do any media-play for his solo album so non-fans are not aware of his release. As a result, his song failed to chart high.

Kangin: "Guys, please raise the rank of Here I Am"
Yesung: "Nah... Here I Am is done already"

"First solo album in 11 years... It feels like a dream. Thank you again."
"Listen to Here I Am and good night. I'm OK ^^ Thank you and love you"

Yesung's brother's post on Naver cafe:
"My hyung is a singer. He's Yesung in Super Junior who's been around for 11 years. I'm his dongsaeng but I find him a good singer. He's also a hard-worker. Today, he finally released his first solo album. He prepared hard for 4 years and as a dongsaeng who has watched him, I wanted him to do well. I believed that he'd do well because the song was very good. But once the song was out, it wasn't as easy. I felt bad and sad. He worked so hard on it and people around him all liked the song, but his song isn't doing well... Are my ears wrong or am I biased towards my hyung? I don't think I can be a standard. I'm posting this to support him. The song is called Here I Am, please listen to it and judge objectively. I'll deleted this post immediately if it's considered as a promotional post. I'll gladly take any helpful opinions. Frustrated and desperate for him to do well, I decided to post this shamelessly. Thanks for reading this and I apologize."


Instiz [1] [2]: Idol who released a song today but nobody knows of

- Isn't it too much? Why isn't SM promoting their artist's song?

- If it's a good song, it'll chart high no matter what. His song is good but um...

- I can't believe this is his self-composed song ㅠㅠ

- SM's solos aren't successful this year despite their good songs

- I found out about his comeback on Twitter, not on articles...

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