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Eunji & Tiffany's upcoming solo albums in April

Pann: First solo albums in April, Eunji vs Tiffany

1. [+126, -54] Tiffany

2. [+113, -44] Tiffany!!!! <3

3. [+91, -9] Eunji and Tiffany hwaiting!!

4. [+57, -28] Eunji... I can't believe it...

5. [+44, -12] I want Tiffany to hurry up and comeback... International fans are also waiting to buy her album ^^

6. [+43, -13] I like both but Tiffany for me

7. [+41, -18] Eunji daebak

8. [+35, -4] Both wins ^^

9. [+31, -1] Tiffany's By Myself and Ring are still very popular internationally, so this kind of song will do well. It'll be even better if the song is a cheerful song like her personality ㅋㅋ

10. [+30, -9] Both have charming voices but Tiffany's voice is more unique and comfortable to listen to.

11. [+25, -2] The song has to be good. SM invested so much in Taeyeon, maybe they'll do the same with Tiffany. I'm sure she'll comeback with a song that suits her~

12. [+18, -2] Honestly, she won't be as big as Taeyeon but Tiffany will still win #1 on music shows by her physical sales. And if the song is good, she'll be really popular. I guess that's what SM is aiming for.

13. [+14, -3] It's time for Tiffany's fandom to show their class. A lot of people think only Taeyeon has a strong fandom, but Tiffany and Yoona have big fandoms, too. Yoona lacks talent so she can't release a solo album, so Tiffany should show their class.

14. [+12, -2] I want Eunji to fully show her singing talent in her solo album. She's such a good singer.

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