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Who's the first person that comes to your mind when you think of untalented idols?

Pann: Who's the first person that comes to your mind when you think of untalented idols?

1. [+519, -212] Two EXO rappers

2. [+440, -61] GFriend except Yuju

3. [+295, -22] 4Minute leader, can't remember her name

4. [+168, -41] No one's worse than Sehun

5. [+148, -29] Yeri's dance isn't as good as Seulgi's. Her singing isn't as good as Wendy. Her visual isn't as good as Irene. Her voice isn't as good as Joy. She's completely untalented.

6. [+133, -112] SNSD is not that talented except Taetiseo, whether it's singing or rapping

7. [+124, -12] AOA except Jimin and Choa

8. [+103, -56] EXO trio

9. [+97, -9] AOA Chanmi. I didn't even know about her before but her rap in AOA Cream shocked me.

10. [+97, -94] Isn't Lovelyz the worst? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Can't sing, trashy personalities, and no visuals. Flopvelyz.

11. [+85, -2] Hyeri. She's good at acting but she's so-so as an idol.

12. [+66, -36] Since when was Lovelyz untalented? More like they have a lot of antis. I listened to their MR removed videos and they were good.

13. [+57, -24] Chanyeol, Nam Jihyun

14. [+43, -5] I like EXO but Sehun are Chanyeol are really bad. Chanyeol's rap is OK at least but all Sehun has is his face. He can't sing at all.

15. [+40, -11] SM must be Chanyeol's anti. When he sings, his voice sounds really nice and I like how he sings as if he's talking. I really don't understand why they're making him rap... It's frustrating.

16. [+38, -0] Chanmi: "Hey! Don't even talk if you don't know!"

17. [+26, -13] Irene and Yeri. They have great visuals but they can't sing at all. I can't even listen to Red Velvet songs because of their raps.

18. [+21, -8] All SNSD members except Taetiseo. Honestly, I can't even listen to Seohyun's voice because she sounds frustrating, but she's considered good in SNSD anyways. The rest of the members are all about SNSD title.

19. [+18, -1] I don't think Twice is that talented, either.

20. [+11, -0] Goo Hara

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