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What kind of a stan are you?

Diversified stan
You don't have a main bias. You stan as long as you like something/someone. It's easy to make you a fan.

Ant tunnel stan
You stan a lot of things but you have a main bias and your preference is very clear. If it's your type, it's easy to make you a fan. If not, you're not likely to become a fan.

Loss-of-subject stan
You look similar to a diversified stan but your preference and genre are too unclear. If you watch and like a certain video, you start stanning immediately. You can't even tell what you're stanning exactly. It's way too easy to make you a fan.

Single-minded stan
It's extremely hard to make you a fan, almost impossible actually. Once you start stannig something, you get completely absorbed to it. Usually, these stans move onto a new material after a very long time of excessive stanning.

You stan something that no one does. You stan something that's completely unimaginable to be stanned and make it a major thing. You're also likely to be a diversified stan or a loss-of-subject stan. You enjoy exploring.

Drought stan
You stan minor things. You're thirsty for other people's attention but no one seems to become a fan. Some of them become pioneers.

Migratory bird
You look similar to a loss-of-subject stan but you have a clear genre. Your genre changes too frequently, though. You also tend to stan trendy materials. It's easy to make you a fan but hard to make you stay.


Instiz: What kind of a stan are you?

- I'm an ant tunnel stan & single-minded stan

- I'm a single minded stan and a pioneer. But when the stuff I pioneered become major, I stop stanning them ㅋㅋㅋ

- Ant tunnel stan, I'm working hard

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