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Top 4 girl groups & boy groups

Girl groups:

Girls' Generation





Boy groups:






Pann: Certain top 4 idol groups

1. [+92, -22] Why are people complaining about B2ST? B2ST deserves to be here

2. [+85, -12] Can't refute... It's honestly correct. Other fans always try to drag these groups but it's all useless.

3. [+76, -12] Agree, it's all correct

4. [+59, -20] So who do you think should be there instead of B2ST? BTS? No one knows BTS songs, they have zero public recognition. Only you fans know about BTS.

5. [+41, -7] Are you still gonna say they're on a downfall? This song was released years ago.

(On Rainy Days on #82)

6. [+41, -2] Other fandoms will know that after a group reaches their peak, people start saying that they're on a downfall. Is there other idol group that can beat those groups?

7. [+35, -60] If there's B2ST, then we should put Infinite as well.

8. [+28, -3] Half of the 8 groups are SM... Kya~ SM.

9. [+22, -0] Look at these people targeting SHINee and B2ST. SHINee is still a top group after 9 years and they're actually still rising ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Do you think it's easy? And B2ST is still doing well after years, it's amazing.

10. [+22, -1] SNSD is so amazing... A girl group maintaining their popularity for 10 years is legendary.

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