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Infinity Challenge discusses Daesung, Park Jisung, Yoo Hae Jin, and Ryu Joon Yeol's "ugly looks"

YJS: "Kwanghee, do you have friends that are qualified to be on 'My Ugly Friend' episode?"
KH: "There are many idols!"

YJS: "Recently, Daesung covered his eyes."
KH: "He became handsome..."

Haha: "Will he cover up to his nose in the next album?"

JJH: "And then he'll cover up to his chin later."

YJS: "There's an Internet saying that says "Park Jisung got known as a talented soccer player thanks to his ugly face.""

YJS: "Yoo Hae Jin is said to be the first celebrity who looks uglier in real life."

'Ryu Joon Yeol, an actor who acts ugliness'
YJS: "I've never seen him in real life, so I can't tell by his pictures."

PMS: "Look at the bigger screen, then."


Instiz: Those that got their faces judged on Infinity Challenge today

- It did make me upset... They should change the title to 'Introducing My Charming Friend' instead

- Mudo gets hate for everything. The members know that themselves are ugly, so they're just looking for other ugly and charming people.

- I didn't watch the episode but the screencap makes me uncomfortable. Why do they have to use people's looks like this?

- Their lookism made me frown

- Why do they care so much about other people's faces?

- So you think gagmen are fine to be judged by looks? I don't think people criticized the show when they dissed Kim Young Chul and Kim Jedong's looks.

- The picture of Ryu Joon Yeol is used by his antis when they drag him.

- People are just getting mad because it's their actor and idol that got dragged. I bet no one would've complained if it was only gagmen.

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