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Evaluations of currently active girl groups

Comments from DC gallery (mostly non-fans)

- Songs are way too bland
- The vocals are average... And their clothes are elementary school style
- There are so many useless members
- I saw them on Weekly Idol and their coordi is doing a terrible job. Elementary school styling that kills face and body.

Girl's Day
- The members are great but their company is...
- Their company doesn't have skills
- They should go for a pretty, cute, and lovely concept but Ring My Bell was such a mess
- This group should compete with their visuals but Shit My Bell ruined everything. Anyways, they should turn around and do a pretty adult concept. Kara's "we're fucking pretty" concept will work for them.

- Sistar doesn't leave big impacts
- Their stuff is less refreshing because they keep coming back with summer concepts
- I don't think we need to worry because their songs do amazingly well on the chart

- I wonder what Apink will do next
- I think Apink did everything they could with an innocent concept. Remember was the limit. There's no more innocent concept they can do.
- They did every SES concept
- I don't think they can do a sexy concept though? Still, they need an image change in this year's album

- Their songs are at Sistar's level but they're all similar. If their next comeback is something similar, it'll be boring.
- They still have a lot of potentials since they're a rookie group. But I hope their next song is something different. Or else it could be boring.
- Keep the colors but make the song more distinct

- Nothing much to talk about AOA...
- I hope Seolhyun promotes hard

Red Velvet
- I think SM will debut a new girl group. Red Velvet is f(x) line and the new girl group will be Soshi line.
- GFriend and Twice are too strong
- Red Velvet is just like f(x). More public-friendly version of f(x).

- Honestly, Mamamoo is the uniquest rookie girl group
- All they have to do is to keep it up. They're already on a different route from other girl groups.
- Talented and unique from other girl groups. They'll be on a long run as long as they get good songs.

Miss A
- One year left til their contract expires
- This year or next year will be their last album
- Only You was good, this kind of concept will do well. Not a dark concept.

- JYP's focus was a fandom when they were making this girl group
- Twice will be really big. The members are good, the fandom is big, and JYP will give them good songs.
- It's been a while since a girl group had both public recognition and a fandom

- Their stuff is extremely repetitive
- Up & Down, Ah Yeah, and Hot Pink are too similar. If they bring another song like this, it'll be hard to last long.
- Every Night was released too early. The song should've came out now.


Instiz: Evaluations of currently active girl groups

- Harsh but what they're saying isn't wrong

- I liked Ring My Bell though... Maybe it's because it's a hook song

- I really agree about EXID's Every Night

- Proud of Mamamoo

- I honestly agree about GFriend... Their songs are good but they're similar

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