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B.I.G Heedo as 'boyfriend looks' & Benji as a lookalike of Baekhyun?

The following two Panns are written by the same OP with cheesy captions, which I've omitted to translate

B.I.G Heedo

Pann: Idol who is a textbook of boyfriend looks

1. [+179, -30] Oh... well, V is the only one that comes to my mind when I think of boyfriend looks. When I was a non-fan, I got a heart attack by V's photo as a boyfriend. I looked for more boyfriend pictures of V.

2. [+156, -13] The only idols of boyfriend looks are V and Doojoon

3. [+80, -1] Did you write the comments, too?

4. [+45, -3] V and Doojoon are the only ones of boyfriend looks ㅋㅋ I'm an Army but Doojoon's pictures as a boyfriend are really heart-fluttering.

5. [+41, -3] The textbook of boyfriend looks are V and Doojoon though? They're the top 2... He's my bias but I still can't get over him

6. [+28, -5] Doojoon is the official boyfriend-dol. V is teenagers' type. V is handsome but he gets divided opinions.

7. [+27, -2] When I think of boyfriend looks, it's V. When I think of boyfriend-dol, it's Doojoon. I can't get over these titles.

8. [+26, -2] V, Doojoon, Baekhyun, Park Bogum, Lee Hyun Woo


B.I.G Benji

Pann: Idol who looks like EXO Baekhyun

1. [+147, -4] How much did you get paid for your part-time job?

2. [+119, -4] Did you get paid a lot for this?

3. [+116, -6] Not really

4. [+20, -0] A lot of people are claimed to be lookalikes of Baekhyun. Maybe it's because Baekhyun is the most well-known puppy face.

5. [+18, -0] Lookalike of Baekhyun????

6. [+17, -0] Baekhyun is puppy-faced but he also has sharpness and dimensional facial features. This kid just looks bland... It's not like he's a stan attractor like Baekhyun nor he's cute. He's so-so.

7. [+17, -0] So everyone who's puppy-faced is a lookalike of Baekhyun? ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+15, -0] I don't know how much you got paid for this but stop mentioning Baekhyun

9. [+11, -0] He looks like a downgraded version of Baekhyun. He looks too flat. Baekhyun has a pointy chin but he doesn't have one.

10. [+8, -2] Oh~ I see you got this

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