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SM's vocal lines are formed with public-friendly & unique voices?

Main vocal = public-friendly, comfortable to listen to
Lead vocal = unique, makes the song stand out

Jaejoong - public-friendly
Junsu - unique

Taeyeon - public-friendly
Jessica - unique

Kyuhyun - public-friendly
Ryeowook - unique

Luna - public-friendly
Krystal - unique

Onew - public-friendly
Jonghyun - unique

DO - public-friendly
Chen - unique


Instiz: How SM forms idol vocal line

- For SM, the members have huge gaps when it comes to singing talents ㅋㅋㅋ

- Same with Seulgi and Wendy...

- TVXQ members are all talented

- I thought Junsu's voice was public-friendly but it also has a unique side to it

- I think EXO doesn't have separate main/lead vocals. It's just the trio of Chen, Baekhyun and DO.

- Isn't it opposite for SHINee? Jinki is unique and Jonghyun is public-friendly

- I honestly hate Ryeowook, Key, and Chen's voices. I can stand Key and Chen at least but I can't even listen to Ryeowook's high-pitched voice.

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