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Fandom names of rookie groups debuted in 2015

Debut: January 15

GFriend - Buddy

= Friend

Debut: May 14

Monsta X - Mon Bebe

= French words meaning "my baby"

Debut: May 26

Seventeen - Carat

= Jewel unit, meaning that fans make Seventeen shine like jewels

Debut: August 24

April - Fineapple

= Fine + Apple from April

Debut: September 15 or October 1st


= iconic

Debut: October 20

Twice - Once

= Meaning that Twice will return a double amount of Once's love

Debut: September 5, 2009

F(x) - MeU

Not debuted in 2015 but their fandom name was recently decided


Pann: Fandom names of rookie groups debuted in 2015

1. [+150, -2] Oh... I like the meanings of Carat and iKONIC

2. [+126, -16] It doesn't mean that the fans are jewels! It means that Seventeen is jewels and Carats make Seventeen shine more! You can't imitate Seventeen-Carat!

3. [+123, -15] Let's last long! Other fandoms also have pretty meanings.

4. [+66, -6] I want them to keep this permanent lightstick color... It'll be so pretty if they make an official lightstick with this color.

5. [+39, -8] Konies~ Konics~

6. [+32, -9] I love how we have our fandom name ㅠㅠ When Hanbin says his winning speech, he thanks us iKONICs and I feel so proud and happy. It makes me want to stream and vote harder.

7. [+31, -2] Collapsed Carats after watching oppars


8. [+17, -3] Huh? I thought BAP fans are called Babies?

9. [+16, -2] Isn't BAP's fandom Baby? It overlaps.

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