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Tzuyu's apology gets disliked, her changed profile, LG U+ to replace her, JYP's stocks & Insta

Instiz: Shocking radio of likes/dislikes on Twice Tzuyu's official apology video

(10,538 likes & 177,716 dislikes)

- I heard that fans are also disliking the video because they don't like JYP's response to this

- I'm still shocked at this sudden scandal... I don't know why they're doing this to a kid

- I know that the relationship between China and Taiwan is sensitive but I don't think targeting a kid like this is correct. China is using their power to ruin her career.

- I wonder how Tzuyu felt. She was forced to say her country is China and that she's Chinese, not Taiwanese. I'm honestly disappointed with Park Jin Young. Did he have to do this...

Instiz: JYP even changed Tzuyu's profile

(Tzuyu's home country changed from Taiwan to Taiwan of China. Korean members and Japanese members' home countries are written in English as 'KOREA' and 'JAPAN', but Tzuyu's home country is written in Chinese.)

- This is getting worse and worse

- They can't give up the Chinese market realistically

- Then Taiwanese people wouldn't like it... It's still not a perfect solution

Instiz: Tzuyu controversy... LG U+ to change the model

(LG U+ promoted 'Tzuyu phone' to compete against SK Telecom's 'Seolhyun phone'. LG U+ is a phone plan company so Chinese market is not significant. But the blames are also going towards LG which is an electronic company that also sells in China. LG U+ is looking for an alternate model to replace Tzuyu.)

- Only if she didn't appear on Malitel....

- Poor Tzuyu

- How much is all that? ㅠㅠ

Instiz: JYP's current stocks

- Why are they using a 16-years-old girl for politics?

- It'll go up in the future. I hope Tzuyu isn't sad by this.

- I can't even ask my Chinese friends about it because I'm too scared

Instiz: Park Jin Young's Instagram is getting terrorized right now

- This is getting out of hands

- I just can't understand why he would send a group to China that has a Taiwanese member and three Japanese members

- I hope Tzuyu doesn't feel guilty about it. She's still young...

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