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Tahiti Jisoo gets a sponsor offer via Facebook messages

Jisoo's Facebook messages:

"Hello ^^ Are you interested in part-time jobs with high pay? We will give you the right pay in a promised time. Please contact us if you're interested ^^ On average, you'll get paid from $600 to $2,000 at once."

"I'm a broker for sponsors and it's ran by membership. One of our members is a big fan of you, Jisoo-ssi. His age is similar as you, he's in mid-20's. He would like to meet you frequently. Please contact us if you're interested. You don't need to meet a lot of people, you just have to meet him. You'll get paid around $2,000~3,000 ^^"

"Please consider my offer. It's a good pay and we'll get all conditions right. It'll be kept a secret strictly and you just have to meet one customer."

"I'll make sure to pay you more than $1,000 at one meeting~ You just have to go on a date with the customer ^^ It'll only be shopping, dinner, and enjoying the atmosphere~ It's OK even if you do it for once or twice. The pay is much better than other offers ^^ Please contact us."



Jisoo's Insta: "These messages make me very uncomfortable. You keep commenting on my photos and ask me to check the messages. Please don't. It makes me upset."


Instiz: Unknown girl group member's sorrow

- Of course it's not gonna be a normal date... never

- I think the broker is fake though? There's no way a real broker would approach like that

- What's with "$4,000" at the end.... wow

- Her father is a policeman!

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