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GFriend Sowon's tall height

Pann: I think she's the tallest girl group member

1. [+299, -33] Nine Muses

2. [+154, -11] She always dances in the back because she's tall. Let me see her face, fuck. The camera doesn't even film her because she's at the back.

3. [+115, -15] Sowon is a model major at Hanlim Arts High School. She's 172cm, she's so tall and she has pretty legs. Yuju is also 169cm but she looks short.

4. [+68, -67] All GFriend members seem to be ugly

5. [+52, -0] Namyu...

6. [+44, -0] Nine Muses Lee Euaerin is amazing

7. [+42, -14] Most useless member. No charms, can't sing.

8. [+31, -13] Nana and Nine Muses. Others are nugu.

9. [+23, -6] But she's too useless and has no charm. Do you even know that she's the leader? She's like the leader of 4Minute, a second Nam Jihyun. Interestingly, their images are also similar.

10. [+20, -3] She's tall and she has long legs and short waist. Her calves are also long, it makes her legs look longer.

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