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SM, YG, and JYP win awards at 2016 iF Design Award

JYP (2PM, Miss A, GOT7)

YG (Epik High, iKON, Winner, Taeyang, etc.)

SM (EXO, f(x), Super Junior)


Pann: SM, JYP, YG products that won at 2016 iF Design Awards

1. [+173, -22] YG's designs are unique ㅋㅋ iKON and Winner's logos are so pretty

2. [+169, -23] Winner and iKON's logos are so pretty... Winner's logo looks classy and suits the group. iKON's logo design is based on Korean flag!

3. [+151, -23] YG teams suck at working except the design team

4. [+76, -12] EXO emblems are also pretty

5. [+67, -8] Winner's logo is so pretty

6. [+65, -31] I think these logos are legendarily sexy and classy

7. [+63, -8] Winner's logo is classy and iKON's logo is uniquely pretty. YG's design team works hard.

8. [+60, -7] YG won 9 awards, daebak ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Design team is the only team that does their job properly in YG

9. [+53, -4] I like how iKON's logo comes from Korean flag

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