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When you got turned off by your boyfriend / girlfriend

Pann: When you got turned off by your boyfriend

1. [+285, -40] When I undressed him, his penis was smaller than I wanted... He was perfect before that. He was tall, had a good body, good manners, kind personalities, liked my favorite food, and caressed me well at a romantic place... Everything was good until... Ah, it was sad.

2. [+219, -3] When he burped as he was kissing me ㅋㅋㅋ I was so mad, I wanted to slap him

3. [+194, -3] I'm a guy and I freak out when I see a guy calling his girlfriend 'fucker' as a joke. The girlfriend laughs, I guess they don't care?

4. [+126, -1] 1. When he talks carelessly. 2. When he writes his emotions on Kakaotalk after we fight. 3. When he has premature ejaculation. 4. When he acts fake. 5. When he acts rude to his parents. 6. When he says cheap words. 7. When he only cares for himself. 8. When he makes typos. 9. When he's a loser.

5. [+121, -0] When he pretends to hit a girl. When he swears and acts rude. When he's rude to elders.

6. [+114, -0] When he makes serious typos...

7. [+105, -0] I have a small penis, I shouldn't have read these comments. Makes me sad.
- [+40, -0] It's OK, I also have small boobs.

8. [+105, -0] He stole utensils from a restaurant and showed them off to me... Such rude manners. It turned me off how he didn't think it was a problem. He was in his mid-20's and his friends were just as pathetic as him. They were worse than high school students. He also made stupid typos.

9. [+96, -3] He inserted his dick but it only felt like it was wandering around the entrance, fuck ㅋㅋㅋ But he was penetrating hard and was sweating ㅋㅋㅋ So funny

10. [+86, -3] He was fat, ugly, and his mouth stank. On top of that, his penis was also tiny... I felt so many emotions.

11. [+82, -5] He was too into our relationship and had no plans for the future. He looked immature and I thought there wasn't anything I could learn from him.

12. [+69, -1] The worst thing is a thin penis. A thick and short penis isn't bad as long as you do the standard position. A thin penis has no solution. First of all, it feels so gross... I remember someone saying, "it feels like a snake's head entering inside." ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Pann: When you got turned off by your girlfriend

1. [+256, -29] When she was being angry at me when she was on her period... Fuck, I know that she wasn't in a good condition but we saw each other after 2 weeks and she was the one who wanted to see me. But for the entire day, she kept being angry at me for no reason. She wasn't there for a date, she just needed someone to be angry at. Such a turnoff.

2. [+254, -27] When she takes military service and soldiers lightly. She'd watch Real Men and go, "military doesn't seem to be that hard." I want her to be thankful to soldiers at least.

3. [+254, -9] I'm a woman and I commented on "When you got turned off by your boyfriend". I came here because I was curious ㅋㅋㅋ Please share many stories, guys ㅋㅋ But the stories have to be real.

4. [+186, -7] I dated a girl whose looks and personalities were very feminine. Whenever I swore as a joke, she was like, "Why are you doing this~ You're scaring me~ You're swearing again~" We're freaking adults, geez. She acted innocent and asked, "what's a condom?" But when she was mad, she'd say, "fuck @#$%$^" and knew sexual words that even I didn't know of. Her fake innocence disgusted me.

5. [+174, -14] My cousin noona's eyes were as thin as a thread. She was all good except her thin eyes, which made her ugly. She got double eyelid surgery and became so much prettier. I also have female friends who were extremely ugly but turned into different people by double eyelid surgery. I got goosebumps. Some even became goddesses. It disgusts me when they say, "double eyelid surgery isn't plastic surgery, it's a must." When I meet up with my friends, they mention their girlfriends' double eyelid surgery and how their past photos shocked them. They hate it. On the outside, I pretend to agree with the girls and say, "of course, double eyelid surgery isn't even plastic surgery nowadays~" and don't flinch at their past photos. But I'll never get married to one. I'm sure all guys think the same ㅋㅋ Expecting lots of downvotes because it's full of women here.

6. [+125, -2] Her breasts, pelvis, face, and everything was fake. Is she a doll or what... And she pretended like she was always pretty with a good body. I wondered what was wrong with her.

7. [+94, -3] She got upset for no fucking reason and acted like, "I'm mad, so go ahead and try to make me feel better." I wanted to punch her in the face.

8. [+84, -8] "I have to be treated because I'm a woman! I can do this because I'm a woman!" She ignored all other logic and acted superior. She also mistreated the people around me. I realized that there's no solution for her. I know that meeting my friends could've been a burden but she could've told me after they left. But she acted unpleasant in front of my friends and we got into a fight on the next day. I broke up with her. Until the end, she didn't know what she did wrong.

9. [+76, -1] We were getting on a bus. My girlfriend was climbing the stairs in front of me and she farted in my face. We didn't talk until we arrived at the destination.

10. [+71, -1] When I was at my job, I overheard guys talking. They were talking about someone's girlfriend's leg shape, a girl with a mustache(?) on her philtrum, a girlfriend with hair on her stomach, a girl with dead skins on her arms, and etc. Not just faces and legs that are obvious to recognize, but they were also talking about dead skins, sebum, and skin tan. I learned that although guys look dull, they actually know all the details.

11. [+71, -9] I thought my girlfriend had big boobs but they turned out to be pads ^^ If she was flat in the first place, I wouldn't have even anticipated it. I was so disappointed. Girls, it's better not to wear pads, it's much better.

12. [+66, -5] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Guys get turned off for small reasons. I expected to see, "I get turned off when her vagina smells" at a top comment ㅋㅋㅋ

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