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Lovelyz is actually not doing well? + reasons for their failure

In 2015, GFriend promoted twice, Twice promoted once, and Lovelyz released three albums. When they performed Joyland on music shows, they did 2 songs unlike other rookie groups. Their 3 albums did not get much responses. Ah Choo did decently thanks to My Little Television, but For You was a complete flop.

Honestly speaking, if this is all they got, they have no hope. People were anticipating for Woollim's girl group but there's nothing but a disappointment.

They don't have a center visual like Seolhyun and Tzuyu. None of them have a celebrity aura. They only look like a group of pretty high school students.

They should be good at singing, at least. Main vocal Jin's high notes are unstable (which fans defend as 'having a cold'). Soojung and Kei's falsetto is terrible. Baby Soul is the most decent one. The rest of the 4 members are not even worth to be mentioned.

Then they should have good songs, at least. Their songs are good quality but are they public-friendly? The digital chart tells.


Pann: Rookie girl group that flopped despite legendary promotions

1. [+431, -65] Isn't this true? I pity Lovelyz. They work hard but none of them is outstandingly good. They can't seem to hit big.

2. [+418, -58] Agree... Honestly, only their fans like them.

3. [+387, -52] It's true. They have zero competitiveness as celebrities. I even think their songs are too good for them.

4. [+198, -22] Their fans need to wake up and see the reality. They were Red Velvet's rival when they were debuting but the difference is too clear now. So they're trying to squeeze into Twice-GFriend line but their results are not good enough. Lovelyz is at the level of Oh My Girl and CLC.

5. [+151, -13] This is true though. Lovelyz fans, no matter how much you like the group, they're not getting much responses. Just accept the truth. Stop brainwashing people that they're talented and pretty. Lovelyz should stop with their lolita-like concept. Instead of the innocent and bright concept, I want them to find a unique concept. It's a pity that it's always either sexy or innocent.

6. [+123, -6] This entire thing is true, isn't it? Go ahead and try to refute that.

7. [+116, -7] Why are Yein and Jisoo so terrible at singing?

8. [+115, -4] I honestly thought Lovelyz would do much better than GFriend. But the tables have turned.

9. [+110, -6] Just admit it... Ah Choo did well thanks to Malitel and there's nothing else that Lovelyz did well on. They debuted in November 2014, had a super rookie stage, and had more promotions than other rookies. They had enough chances to promote themselves. And some say they have good songs but if the songs are actually good, they will chart well no matter what.

10. [+101, -2] The members are not public-friendly materials. Their concept is cute and bright but it's covered with overly innocent vibes. It's a confusing concept at the end.

11. [+98, -3] I don't know how I should put it ㅋㅋ As a viewer, I don't find anyone pretty in Lovelyz after seeing them multiple times. At first, Lee Mijoo looked pretty but as I kept seeing her, her jaw looked odd so I don't find her pretty anymore. Yein and Jisoo have monolids, so they get very divided opinions. I find them pretty but my friends don't. Soojung is not strikingly pretty but she's always cute. Kei also gets very divided opinions. Girl groups are mostly about outfits, makeup, and visuals. Twice has a lot of visual members. I found GFriend ugly at first but they grew on me and I find them pretty now. But I still don't find Lovelyz pretty.

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