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Idol group 'Sculpture Boys' in Japanese animation

"A world where even sculptures become idols"
- True 'handsome sculptures'

This is a press conference in Japan for an idol group debuting in January.

A journalist asks the members how they feel. One of the sculpture members answer the question!

Manager(?): "Our member is very nervous..."

'Sculpture Boys' are main characters of a Japanese animation about sculpture idols.

St. Georgio

"To compare myself to Japan, I'm like Yoshimoto politics."

Strong sense of justice. He's kind to humans but he has celibacy on himself. Sometimes, he has a chance to hunt dragons, so he has many legends."


"I asked him to draw Mona Lisa for me."

Smart, relaxed, and free-spirited. Third son of rich Medici family from Italy. He's more interested in culture and arts rather than work. He's friends with Da Vinci and Raphael.


"Holding Dionysos on my left hand and my great skin are getting good responses."

Maknae type who befriends with a lot of people. Bright personalities that value a good atmosphere. Genius who can do anything since he was born. Adored by other gods.


"This is what it used to be. I'm weak for love."

Strict personalities no matter what happens. Very emotional. Masculine type like the  sign. He's a god of war, but is unarmed at Venus' love.

'Sculpture Boys' is about how the sculpture idol group and their female manager promote and rise in the entertainment industry.

Recently, an idol group 'Love Live' in an animation succeeded in Japan and Korea.

"We can't say it's publicly popular but there's a dedicated fandom to it. It's their hobby."

"Rather than liking the idols in animations, the fun aspect comes from the dubbers, songs, and other products from it."

"I think 'Sculpture Boys' is more like a gag animation than an idol project in an animation."

In Japan, virtual idols have big popularity, even hologram idols.

Their next idols are sculptures. What will be next?


Instiz: Sculptures are debuting as idols? Shocking culture in Japan

- Who's going to sing? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Their ideas are amazing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- I'm about to become a fan of Mars ㅋㅋㅋ

- "Helmes oppa's face is shining ㅠㅠ" Is this how they stan?

- Will they disband when they're broken?

- Next is Mannequin Girls?

- This is beyond my imaginations

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