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Female idols who put their hair up

Pann: Girl group members with their hair up

1. [+149, -177] Seolhyun and Krystal look the prettiest

2. [+138, -255] It's honestly Seolhyun

3. [+122, -46] Isn't it Naeun's original face? She requires a lot of things to look pretty.
(tn: OP deleted Naeun's photo afterwards so I don't have it on this post)

4. [+105, -6] You should've put prettier photos for other idols

5. [+74, -9] Krystal, Yoona, and Hyeri look so pretty ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+66, -3] Naeun looks fine though?

7. [+58, -3] God Yuna with her hair up

8. [+58, -6] Yoona looks the best with her hair tied

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