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GFriend's teaser images

Pann: Did you see GFriend's teasers?

1. [+41, -8] I don't care about their outfits or the photos, I'm just so happy that they're not wearing sleeveless shirts and gym shorts. The coordi must've gotten paid finally ㅠㅠ

2. [+37, -12] I like the outfits but Me Gustas Tu had prettier teaser images

3. [+34, -12] I like the album name ㅠㅠ The song titles are also dreamy. Let's hit daebak, guys!

4. [+27, -22] Our maknae got bangs! Although people call you ugly, you're pretty to us fans. Promote well!

5. [+23, -7] I hope they wear pretty clothes this time. They wore $5 gym shorts during Glass Bead and elementary school dresses during Me Gustas Tu ㅠㅠ They'll look prettier in good outfits.

6. [+18, -10] Let's do well with this album!

7. [+17, -10] Hul, I really like it.

8. [+16, -4] Pretty... But I hope Source Music stops with the weird filters. I was shocked when I was watching Me Gustas Tu music video. The kids are pretty but the video filters ruin it...

9. [+16, -2] Yerin looks much better with bangs

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