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Fictional world you want to go to?

1) Hogwarts in Harry Potter

2) Pirate era in One Piece

3) Inuyasha

4) Narnia

5) Lord of the Rings

6) Neverland in Peter Pan


Pann: Fictional world you want to go to?

1. [+172, -1] I want to go to Charlie's chocolate factory. I want to eat the chocolate, hehe.

2. [+131, -1] Hogwarts for me!

3. [+95, -2] Neverland and Hogwarts!

4. [+74, -1] What's certain is that your life isn't guaranteed in any of them ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+54, -1] Definitely Harry Potter. Fuck, because of the aftereffect, I hated myself for being born as a muggle.

6. [+44, -0] I'm a big fan of Inuyasha but I don't think I can go there. If I'm as pretty as Kagome, then Inuyasha might protect me. But I'll be killed by a monster as soon as I enter the world.

7. [+36, -28] Ssangmun-dong in Reply 1988!!! I want to live in a neighborhood like that ㅠㅠ

8. [+32, -1] Spirited Away ㅠㅠ I want to see Haku...

9. [+32, -1] One Piece... After watching Robin episode, I thought that it'd be nice to have a group like that. It's an anime but they were risking their lives to save their member and I envied their friendship ㅠㅠ If I can give up this world and choose to go to One Piece, I'll say yes instantly.

10. [+32, -1] I think I'll be alone wherever I go

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