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10 actors that are good at kiss scenes (gif heavy)

1) Lee Jin Wook
He starts softly with his hands around her neck. After a while, you get absorbed watching it. He's good at both sweet and rough kiss scenes.

2) Gong Yoo
His kiss starts with fiery eyes. His lips never leave hers.

3) Yoo Ah In
He also grabs her neck. His kiss even makes her drop her purse.

4) Seo Inguk
Rising kiss scene icon. Good face angles.

5) Joo Ji Hoon
He has a dirtily sexy aura, which makes his kiss scenes look more erotic.

6) Lee Sang Woo
Many actresses picked him as a good kisser. His kiss scenes show various angles.

7) Lee Min Ki
Can do both innocent & rough kiss scenes

8) Hyun Bin
Every kiss scene he does becomes a hot issue. He makes her go desperate.

9) Park Seo Joon
A type that leads the kiss. He stares at her with "you're so lovely" eyes.

10) Jo In Sung
His kiss scenes are as great as his sculpture face. He can control the strength and weakness.


Instiz: 10 actors that are good at kiss scenes

- Jisung is good, too... The atmosphere he makes... Before he kisses, he looks into her eyes and lips.

- Joo Ji Hoon's eyes are just different. I also like Lee Minho's kiss scenes!

- I'm on a subway and people are giving me weird looks because I'm looking at these ㅋㅋ

- Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince... Enough said

- I'm starting to be grossed out after seeing so many people sucking lips ㅋㅋㅋ

- It reminds me of Lee Jin Wook and Ha Jiwon's scene. The best kisser and the worst kisser ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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