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'The Genius' player Kim Kyung Hoon's sexual harrassment

Summary of Kim Kyung Hoon's mess:
1) Shin Ah Young's photo on Facebook
2) Sexually harrassing a fan at her place
3) Threatening to sue
4) Lied to his fans that he didn't have a girlfriend
5) The purpose of his volunteer is uncertain

Staff of Kim Kyung Hoon's fancafe:

"What's funny is that I clearly remember him getting drunk, coming to my place, and kissing me when he even had a girlfriend. But he says he wants me to be close to his girlfriend ㅋㅋㅋ He also touched my breasts and butt but I didn't bring that up because he didn't seem to remember and I didn't talk to talk about it. Also, he told me that he wanted to marry his girlfriend but didn't want to lose me. What does that even mean? He also said he wouldn't have volunteered if it wasn't his girlfriend."

Kim Kyung Hoon's tweets:

"I'm going to take strong actions and sue the tweets about me."

"I'm sorry. Please leave me alone because I might commit suicide. I'm really sorry and I feel like I'm going to jump off a building. I'm so sorry. I'm a non-celebrity. I really think I'm going to kill myself. I'll live nicely. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"I'm sincerely sorry for everything. I'll live nicely and reflect. I'm sorry to those that are upset with me. I feel like killing myself so I'm on my knees begging you. I'm sorry. Forgive me."

"I talked to the person on the phone. I apologized her for the swearing I did and solved other misunderstandings. She also said some things were exaggerated by other people. I'm sorry for causing trouble."


Shin Ah Young's photo on Facebook:

'The Genius' Lee Jongbum asked for photos that'll make him happy

Kim Kyung Hoon started posting erotic photos


The last photo he posted is...

A cropped photo of Shin Ah Young


Instiz: 'The Genius' Kim Kyung Hoon is currently controversial

- I didn't like him when he was on The Genius

- Wow, it's not like he was weird only on the show. He's originally like that.

- I'm so shocked... I really enjoyed The Genius... I just came back from their Instagram...

- Woah, his image is completely different from The Genius...

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