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Each girl group's danger?

SNSD - 'Mr. Mr.' didn't do well digitally
Wonder Girls - Failed American advancement
2NE1 - Park Bong
Sistar - "iljin-dols" (almost disbanded them)
Girl's Day - dumplings
Kara - Radio Star
4Minute - sajaegi
After School - 'Shampoo' didn't do well, failed subunits
Secret - democratize, Sunhwa's actress disease
Miss A - 'I Don't Need a Man' didn't do well
T-ara - Hwayoung bullied (collapse)
F(x) - 'Red Light' didn't do well


Instiz: Each girl group's danger

- But After School's Shampoo and Miss A's I don't Need a Man are my favorite songs from them...

- Red Light didn't do well? I thought it'd be Sulli

- But a lot of those groups are pretty stable now

- I thought Hush did worse than I Don't Need a Man

- SNSD's song was leaked though ㅠㅠ

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