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Negative responses on Twice & Lovelyz's performances on 'Sugar Man'

Pann: Twice is really bad at singing. Their pronunciation is terrible. [But Lovelyz still lost to Twice]

1. [+143, -24] Twice is ruined because of Tzuyu. Her pronunciation is weird and she can't sing. For Lovelyz, Jin was unexpectedly unstable. Soojung was mediocre. Kei saved it.

2. [+118, -43] Both groups are so mediocre ㅋㅋ Tzuyu's pronuncation is weird. They should've casted Jungyeon or a good vocalist instead, tsk tsk. Meanwhile, Lovelyz lip-synced but still lost ㅋㅋ

3. [+98, -5] There's a possibility that Lovelyz didn't lip-sync because Jin was too unstable

4. [+48, -3] I'm a fan of Lovelyz but their singing aside, I just didn't like their song choice. Bold Woman is a song that's way too popular ㅋㅋ Twice sang well...

5. [+40, -33] Lovelyz did well though?

6. [+35, -2] I didn't watch the broadcast but how can you claim that they were lip-syncing? SNSD and Superstar K's stages were criticized for lip-syncing but it turned out to be edited with multiple performances and it only sounded like they were lip-syncing. Sugar Man is a show for singing, the staff is the idiot for allowing them to lip-sync.

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