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Idols' results on Mask Best Singer

Best singers:

EXID Solji

F(x) Luna

Melody Day Yeo Eun


Final round eliminees:
B1A4 Sandeul
Apink Eunji
Spica Boa
EXO Chen

Third round eliminees:
BTOB Sungjae
Davichi Minkyung

Second round eliminees:
2AM Changmin
Secret Jieun
Block B Taeil
Teen Top Chunji
GFriend Yuju
B2ST Dongwoon
Mamamoo Solar
Bestie Yooji
Shinhwa Dongwan
BTOB Changsub
Super Junior Kyuhyun
After School Raina
BAP Daehyun
Girl's Day Minah

First round eliminees:
2AM Jokwon
FT Island Hongki
Girl's Day Sojin
Miss A Min
Oh My Girl Seunghee


Instiz: Idols' results on Mask Best Singer

- I think SHINee and Infinite will get caught right away ㅋㅋㅋ

- Daehyun's song choice was bad but it was meaningful for him because it was the first song he sang after the lawsuit. I'm satisfied ㅠㅠ

- 2AM Changmin is unexpected... I thought he wouldn't be eliminated easily

- Hongki was eliminated in the first round???

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