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Real time chart + EXO's 'Sing For You'

Article: The digital chart is dynamic... #1 changes everyday

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

(Article talks about how EXO's 'Sing For You' is #1 on the biggest digital chart)

1. [+263, -14] I want them to get rid of real time chart. It worsens the competition.

2. [+208, -15] Real time chart is meaningless. Charting on a weekly chart after a week is meaningful.

3. [+265, -57] EXO is dominating the dawns...

4. [+43, -4] What are you talking about? Turbo is #1 right now. Who writes these articles?

5. [+138, -37] EXO is #1 at dawns only. When the morning comes, their ranks go down again.

6. [+25, -1] EXO was #1 for a short time and yet this article is mentioning this. I can see what this journalist is doing~

7. [+29, -3] EXO will collapse because of their media-play and EXO-roaches ㅋㅋ Stop it.

8. [+28, -3] The journalist seems to be confused with real time chart. Turbo is currently #1. On Melon, idols like EXO chart high from 1AM til 8AM. But in the afternoons and nights, their ranks drop a lot. It was always like this. It's because idols have strong teenage fandoms. They do streaming infinitely and make the idols chart high at dawns. But it doesn't work when the public streams in afternoons and evenings. If you want to refer to Melon chart, the only legitimate time to look at it is from 10AM til 12PM. Other than that, the chart is merely manipulated by teenage girls' infinite streaming for their bias.

9. [+20, -2] EXO = dawn-dols ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Even EXO-roaches stream the songs silently. No one actually listens to EXO's songs ㅠㅠ

10. [+12, -0] #1 on digital chart is getting more and more meaningless. Everybody win #1 nowadays. We need to get rid of real time chart and use daily chart. And articles about #1 should be written after a few days of the release date. Don't media-play using #1 when it was just a few hours.

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