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Dorms of Red Velvet, GFriend, Lovelyz, Oh My Girl, Twice

Red Velvet






Oh My Girl



Pann: Dorms of rookie girl groups

1. [+80, -9] GFriend need to stop their poor cosplay

2. [+62, -12] GFriend's dorm is a hotel level. Why are they cosplaying as poor? They guested on all of major variety shows and Source Music is promoting them exclusively. The support they get is as big as a big company. It's uncomfortable how they're acting like they're from a small company.

3. [+55, -8] The dorms make it look like Lovelyz is from a small company and GFriend is from a big company

4. [+31, -6] Oh My Girl's dorm is much better than GFriend's. How is GFriend's dorm a hotel level? It's an average place, although it's better than Lovelyz's. Oh My Girl's dorm is a hotel level. Their dorm is too good for their results.

5. [+25, -0] Oh My Girl's dorm... The class of B1A4

6. [+23, -6] Am I the only one who doesn't think GFriend's dorm is a hotel level? It looks like an average place. Oh My Girl and Twice's dorms are hotel level.

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