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Casting of film 'Princess Deokhye'

Based on a book of Princess Deokhye's tragic life

Plot summary:
Princess Deokhye (Son Ye-Jin) was the last princess of Korea. Under Japanese colonial rule, she is taken to Japan as a hostage. With the era's harsh conditions, she struggles to maintain the hope of the Korean people. Jang-Han (Park Hae-Il) is a fighter for Korean independence. His mission is to bring Princess Deokhye back to South Korea and he also loves her. (source)

Son Ye Jin - Princess Deokhye

Kim So Hyun - Girl Deokhye

Park Haeil - Kim Jang Han
(independence fighter who is in charge of taking Princess Deokhye back to her country)

Yeo Hwe Hyun - Boy Kim Jang Han

Ra Miran - Boksun
(court lady and the only friend of Princess Deokhye)

Yoon Je Moon - Han Taek Soo
(follower of a Japanese collaborator Lee Wan Yong)

Ahn Nae Sang - Kim Hwang Jin 
(leader of independence fighters)

Jung Sang Hoon - Bokdong
(independence fighter and Kim Jang Han's friend)

Kim Jae Wook - So Takeyuki
(Princess Deokhye's husband)

Park Soo Young - Young Chin Wang
(Princess Deokhye's brother)

Baek Yoon Shik - Gojong
(Princess Deokhye's father)

Park Joomi - Yang Gui In
(Princess Deokhye's biological mother)

To be released in 2016


Instiz: Casting of film 'Princess Deokhye'

- Kim Jae Wook plays a Japanese person again ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He looks Japanese

- The casting and the story are daebak

- Son Ye Jin's beauty though...

- Hul, finally Kim So Hyun plays a younger role of Son Ye Jin

- I don't think I can watch this. I'll end up throwing my popcorn out of anger.

- Every single person suits the role

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