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6 girl group subunits that didn't do well

Rainbow Blaxx
Song: Cha Cha

After School Blue
Song: Wonder Boy

AOA Black
Song: Moya

After School Red
Song: In the Night Sky

Rainbow Pixie
Song: Hoi Hoi

CSJH Dana & Sunday
Song: One More Chance


Instiz: Top 6 girl group subunits that completely flopped

- Dana & Sunday would've done well if they had better lyrics...

- Most of those songs are well-known but not the singers

- Rainbow Blaxx was a #1 nominee though

- I want AOA Black's comeback...

- Rainbow Pixie ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It was quite trendy. "Hoi hoi ultra pekteuroseu museu!"

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