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Previous work of IU's MV director + Lovelyz and SHINee's lolita & shotacon concepts?

Pann: Director of IU's MV uploaded a post

Director of IU's 'Twenty-Three' music video posted: 
"The reason why there's milk on her shirt is because she dropped the milk and it got on her shirt. The chair spun and it was perfectly coincidental."

1. [+407, -53] There are still unanswered suspicions. 1) Zeze in the album cover. 2) Lolita signs, gestures, and props in IU's previous album photos (the book titles behind IU in a photo shoot, number 68 behind the picture of You and I, lolita film references in pictures of Red Shows album) I'm writing this because the music video isn't the only source of this controversy.

2. [+351, -57] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I can only laugh at how he says the milk was coincidental

3. [+278, -23] And the person who drew the album art needs to clarify... The fishnet stockings and pin-up girl pose.


Pann: Previous work of the director of IU's Twenty Three

1. [+295, -8] I'm a video major and I was speechless when I read the director's feedback. The music video was full of clichés that any video majors can tell. He didn't notice them? I don't think that the director and IU were determined to film a music video with a full lolita concept. But did you really not notice the flower and milk, which are very obvious clichés? Director-nim, you said it was only to give some colors but you still didn't even explain why the flower was there. Why are you saying that the public is the pervert when the music video is full of clichés? I'm disappointed, you really didn't know? It might not be a lolita concept but I'm sure you knew it was sexual. You could've used some other props then. Why did you even upload the sketch of the music video? It made you less credible. Did you try to fool the public with such unreliable sketch?

2. [+287, -4] There's no way a film director wouldn't notice those things. It's full of clichés, if he really didn't know, then he should change his job. Why the hell is he a MV director when he doesn't even have the knowledge? If he really really didn't know, then it's the matter of his ignorance. He should be ashamed of calling himself a MV director.

3. [+284, -5] And yet he says he didn't expect milk to be interpreted in this way


Pann: Lovelyz's lolita concept

School uniforms

Close-up scenes on legs and feet

1. [+95, -4] ???? The whole music video is about high school girls having fun like a teen movie. What crap is this? Do you want to be jailed? You took screencaps of the MV to post this? Yeah they're pretty, right? Become a fan then.

2. [+73, -0] There were articles of their skirts because they were never revealing. You're so ignorant. If you're an IU fan and posting this just to drag other idols, you're very wrong. It's not like Lovelyz fans made IU's controversy. If you want to defend IU, you need to bring evidences that can refute IU's controversy. There's nothing lolita about Lovelyz. It's not an innocent-sexy concept, either.

3. [+69, -2] The scenes are not emphasizing legs. Those were cute scenes where someone was secretly leaving jellies. I can't believe this is misinterpreted as lolita ㅠㅠ There's also this scene of Soojung with a jelly on her face.


Pann: Girls' double standards are giving me goosebumps, they go crazy over SHINee's shotacon concept

(Pann talks about SHINee's Juliette concept as shotacon)

1. [+56, -3] Fuck, I adore Juliette concept the most but they're treating this like shotacon. Juliette is a concept of boy + fairy!!!! SM never put any sexual codes in SHINee. The MV of Juliette is mostly dance except the scene of meeting Juliette. There's nothing sexual about it. The album arts are the members fighting with water guns and bubbles, it was a mysterious and innocent concept of fairies!!! Are you saying that this is shotacon because they were holding girl dolls? It was to symbolize Juliette. It's not a story between a boy and an ajumma, it was a love story between a girl and a boy. There's a b-side called "Boy Meets Girl' (English title is Romeo + Juliette). What shotacon are you talking about? SHINee is being dragged because of a recent controversy. I dislike IU because of her controversy but this makes me dislike her even more. Thanks. IU is forever gone in my heart~

2. [+54, -3] SHINee doesn't have sexual elements to be called shotacon. Your brain is dumb.

3. [+43, -3] People keep saying SHINee's concept is shotacon but it's not. They were showing the freshness of boys. With Juliette, SHINee didn't emphasize their body parts, make obedient faces, or pose in certain ways. It was a cheerful concept of them playing around and laughing. The concept is a teenage boy Romeo and a girl Juliette in love. The song is not appealing sexually at all. There's also a b-side 'Boy Meets Girl' and they sing, "I dream of meeting the girl Juliette again and falling in love". You're weird if you find it sexual or erotic.

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