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Opinions on who should be MAMA winners

This year's album - EXO

This year's song - Bigbang

This year's artist - Girls' Generation

Rookie boy group - iKON

Rookie girl group - Twice

Male artist - Kyuhyun

Female artist - Taeyeon

Boy group - EXO

Girl group - Girls' Generation


Pann: This is the answer for MAMA winners

1. [+289, -162] Bigbang should also win the boy group award

2. [+289, -53] Thanks for the two awards for EXO but Bigbang did well this year. Also, I think GFriend will win the rookie girl group award.

3. [+233, -42] Don't agree...

4. [+95, -28] This year's artist should also be Bigbang... Lion Heart is not good enough for that.

5. [+88, -109] Bullshit. SNSD shouldn't win any award.

6. [+75, -26] This year's artist should go to Bigbang. They got good results with their self-produced songs.

7. [+73, -12] Shouldn't Bigbang win this year's song? Bang Bang Bang was honestly so popular in real life. They should also win the boy group award. Performance and album awards should go to EXO.

8. [+60, -50] What do you mean by SNSD for this year's artist?

9. [+40, -15] I'm an SM stan but this is too biased for SM.

10. [+34, -12] SNSD did well digitally and they won #1 on music shows a lot of times. I think they deserve it.

11. [+34, -9] Twice will win the rookie girl group. They're doing well digitally, their physical sales are high, and they're from Mnet.

12. [+33, -37] I don't agree with rookie awards. I think it should be GFriend and Seventeen.

13. [+32, -30] YG songs are not my style. I really don't like catchy choruses. I like songs like Sober but not Bang Bang Bang and Rhythm Ta.

14. [+26, -1] SHINee will win either the best performance or boy group. Do you think SM will leave empty-handed?

15. [+24, -9] I don't like iKON's songs. Maybe people have different taste.

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