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Music video concept of EXID's Hot Pink is prostitution?

"One free oil for 10 stamps"
He pays with the ticket

They insert the oil

His eyes open wide and he puts on the side brake (boner)

She cleans the window (face) and side mirrors (ears)
- She caresses his face and ears

She's surrounded with water taps and a ladder with a round tip
She solicits openly which is a common scene at red light districts

News: "EXID earns illegally by selling fake oil"
Customer says, "the moment it entered, it felt different."
In the picture, you can barely spot "pink oil" (핑유) in Korean which was blurred in the music video all along. (The word is used to mean "pink nipples")

1) The music video concept of EXID's Hot Pink is indirect prostitution.
2) The name of the oil that "feels different the moment it enters" is blurred all the time. It can finally be seen in one scene. It's "pink oil" (핑유) and it means "pink nipples" in Korean.
3) Lots of sexual symbols including ticket, oil-hole, lubricator, side brake, tabs, sticky oil, police batons, and etc.
4) 'Massage room' and 'ear clean room' are infamous forms of indirect prostitution. EXID members accept male customers in cars. They caress parts of the car, insert pink oil, and the car leaves. Then the next customer comes.
5) Just like Up & Down, the pimp is producer Shinsadong Tiger. The ticket and the name of the business is 'Tiger Oil'.
6) The repetitive lyric "push" is underage version of "pussy"


Pann: Controversial music video of EXID

1. [+343, -13] The problem is that this kind of sexual message is too common these days... Hyuna is also riding on a banana in her music video. I'm starting to believe the rumor that Japan is what Korea will become in 10 years.

2. [+334, -15] This is really uncomfortable. It looks intended enough.

3. [+301, -16] And yet this doesn't get controversial

4. [+156, -139] What's weird is that people criticize IU's lolita concept but defends EXID by saying that they're adults. Kids watch their music video, why does being adults make it OK? People must've lost their mind after going after IU.

5. [+105, -7] This is not right. It should become a controversy.

6. [+97, -10] Brown Eyed Girls' Warm Hole was also weird. The lyrics were about sex. Their dances are always spreading legs and covering vagina with hands. It's so repetitive and gross.

7. [+86, -5] I really like EXID but this kind of music video is really overused and so-so. The dance where Junghwa sings looks really gross. The part where they shake their butts. Is sexy/innocent the only concept available? Sexy concept looks dirty and innocent concept looks so childish like children's songs... I'm just so pissed off.

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