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Kim Woo Bin chosen to be the actor with the most ambiguous face by male-dominated site

Pann: #1 actor who looks ambiguous chosen by male-dominated site

1. [+449, -46] He's surviving by his shoulders and height

2. [+410, -145] I always don't understand how people find Kim Woo Bin handsome... He's honestly ugly.

3. [+402, -79] As if they're not ugly

4. [+115, -15] I'm a girl but I never found Kim Woo Bin handsome

5. [+73, -7] I never found him handsome... But then I saw him in real life and realized that he looks really bad on camera ㅠㅠ I saw a several celebrities in real life and he looked like a god from the sky. He looks 100 times handsomer in real life.

6. [+69, -12] As someone who saw Kim Woo Bin many times in real life, I don't understand the result...

7. [+66, -79] Where can I find someone like him to get some eye candies?

8. [+64, -11] I really like him though... I liked him more than Lee Minho in The Heirs.

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