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IU to sue 82 people for leaving hateful comments

Pann: IU is suing 82 people for leaving hateful comments

1. [+685, -106] IU is good at gags

IU: "I'm confident to be in top 5 celebrities that don't care about hateful comments."

2. [+544, -32] She can sue the hateful comments and Britney can sue her

3. [+477, -31] It doesn't matter if she's suing them but she should give feedback to other issues

4. [+176, -6] She has time to sue hateful comments but no time to clarify other controversies

5. [+158, -11] How low is Lee Jieun going to go?

6. [+146, -5] And what happened to the Britney issue?

7. [+134, -13] ㅋㅋ I knew it. It's the beginning of her victim cosplay... She's gonna release a song soon. Expecting to see emotional ballad, IU ^^

8. [+121, -12] Why is she giving feedback only to hateful comments instead of other controversies? Ugh

9. [+108, -12] It's not time for her to be suing people and acting shameless... Seems like she's being "whatever". Does she want to keep her pride until the end? How sad.

10. [+108, -6] Was she preparing for this instead of giving feedback? I knew she wasn't ordinary when she held a fansign with Zeze picture. What is she gonna say if the hateful commenters say they were talking about a third person?

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