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International BTS fans' rude tweets to DAY6 Jae

DAY6 Jae tweeted Baek Yerin's song

BTS fans' replies

Jae's tweets after

Jae's answer when BTS fans asked what he would do if BTS hits his face


Instiz: JYP artist DAY6 Jae's Twitter (feat. Bangtan)

- I thought he was close to BTS or something because there were so many mentions...

- Can i-fans please stop this

- They think Jae is an idiot because he always replies to people...

- Hyuna posted Noeul's song yesterday and i-fans were again talking about BTS songs in the comments...

- Why in the world would they imagine BTS hitting DAY6???

- Ugh please... BTS and Jae are not related in any way

- On my way to break those i-fans' keyboards

- I feel more bad because he's still being nice ㅠㅠ

- They're only ruining their bias' image

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