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YG's senior officials say none of YG artists are cast for MAMA yet

According to YG's senior officials, MAMA is 2 months away and the artists must be in the process of preparing their stages right now, but none of YG artists are not even cast for MAMA yet.


Instiz: [Exclusive] YG's senior officials, "participating in 2015 MAMA is not clear"

- Then it means that this MAMA won't have anything special just like gayo daejun

- YG... you need to be nice to the broadcast stations... Why do you always pick up fights?

- I thought iKON was in the first lineup?

- It's not Yang Hyun Suk rejecting them, it's that Mnet didn't even cast them? Does it make sense? Bigbang had a comeback after 3 years... They should be giving enough time for their stage instead, what is this situation? 

- Hul... MAMA-nims are making a big mistake. What is MAMA without Bigbang?

- No... please give iKON a rookie award ㅠㅠ

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