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Idols who were likeable but became dislikeable this year


Excessive media-play linking Suzy, she can always become likeable again if they tone down the media-play


Dissing idols, past controversies, excessive media-play


New traitor


Irresponsible actions, personality controversies



(Pann also included IU at first but took her down)


Pann: Idols who were likeable but turned dislikeable in 2015

1. [+433, -173] Why did you take IU down? She became so dislikeable for me. I never really liked her anyways.

2. [+348, -108] I think you can put IU. She's getting bashed right now. Girls say she's worse than Yewon, a big fox.

3. [+220, -39] Not iKON, but BI and Bobby... What did other members do to deserve this ㅋㅋ

4. [+113, -98] Why Seolhyun ㅋㅋ Other listed celebrities are their own fault but it's not like Seolhyun did the media-play.

5. [+107, -12] I agree with Tao, Yewon, and Sulli. iKON's problem is their lyrics but I don't really find them dislikeable ㅋㅋ For Seolhyun, it's her company's fault.

6. [+86, -0] Tao, that asshole thought people would defend him just like when he was an EXO member. He sat on his seat in the middle of a fashion show and got so much hate. That motherfucker still wants to have Korean fans so he posts in Korean sometimes. He's a crazy asshole. He left EXO because of "his injury" but he's an action actor ㅋㅋ

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